Devin Nunes demanding emails from Democratic strategist as part of lawsuit against satire Twitter accounts
Rep. Devin Nunes with Russian Cow (Photos: Gage Skidmore/Flickr and Nikolay Antonov/Shutterstock)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) has been mocked for his lawsuit against two satirical Twitter accounts Nunes Cow and Liz Mair, designed to ridicule the Congressman. But now it seems he's using the lawsuit as an opportunity to score emails from Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko that have nothing to do with a lawsuit against trolls.

The Fresno Bee, which is also being sued by Nunes, reported Friday that Nunes thinks that the two parody accounts were conspiring to defame him for the 2018 election. As with most parody Twitter accounts, the aim is generally to mock and ridicule, which is why both Twitter and American law has rules about parody and satire. Saturday Night Live, for example, has the freedom to mock President Donald Trump as much as they want, despite his claim that he would sue them for libel.

"Nunes’ new requests seek communications between the DNC strategist, the law firm and the anonymous writers that occurred after Nunes filed the lawsuit. They are Nunes’ first subpoenas in the case," The Bee reported.

The lawsuit is taking place in Virginia, which is not where Nunes' district is. In the state, lawyers in civil cases can be subpoenaed for documents, but they can file a motion to quash.

Supporters of the accounts appeared at the courthouse to cheer on the now-famous Twitter comedians. Nunes' attack against them has already backfired. Nunes Cow had a small following until Nunes filed the lawsuit, but after his attacks the Cow account ballooned to over 700,000 followers, surpassing Nunes himself. The country also rallied online to mock Nunes for being a fake farmer, something the Nunes Cow account often mocks the Congressman for.

The Nunes cow account has not yet been outed, but Liz Mair is personally being targeted and has set up a donation fund for her legal fees. Since the lawsuits, other mock Twitter accounts have been started, like Nunes' Self Respect, Nunes Alt-Mom, Devin Grandma, and Devin Nunes Lawyer.

Read the full report on the trial update at The Fresno Bee.