'Donald, it's bad': Rick Wilson hilariously drops some terrible news on Trump about impeachment
GOP strategist Rick Wilson.

In another one of his typically scorching columns for the Daily Beast, GOP consultant Rick Wilson delivered some bad news to Donald Trump that his advisors likely aren't telling him: he's losing the impeachment battle badly.

Following another week of House impeachment testimony that even Republicans admit looks bad for the president, Wilson stated the idea that the threat of ouster likely hasn't sunk in for Trump yet because everyone is afraid to tell him the truth.

As Wilson pithily put it: "Is this what winning feels like, Donald? You may think of yourself as the all-time world champion bullshit artist, but even a dull-witted, intellectually incurious slowcoach like you may have noticed that your carefully crafted image, political and personal fortunes, presidential legacy, and reputation are teetering over an abyss. You promised Americans they would grow sick of all the winning, but mostly they’ve grown sick of your shitshow White House, verbal incontinence, outrageous corruption, and the cost of carrying your water."

With that said, Wilson got right into the impending impeachment.

"Donald, it’s bad. No one in your orbit will tell you, but you’re in the shit, and it’s getting deeper and more pungent by the hour," he wrote. "You’re losing on impeachment. You’re losing on executive power. You’re losing on silencing eyewitnesses to your criminality and instability. You’re losing the legal fight to keep your taxes hidden. You’re losing on foreign affairs, ceding Syria and Kurdistan to Russia, Turkey, and Iran. You’ve lost the trade war. And no, you’re never winning a Nobel Peace Prize for North Korea, because they played you like a fool."

With that, and using Trump's insistence that he is always "winning," Wilson ticked off 15 separate examples where the president is decidedly not winning.

In particular...

"Does it feel like winning when what was at first a single whistleblower has now become a flood? As more and more eyewitnesses to your malfeasance, abuse of power, and outright corruption step forward to testify before Congress, and the picture of your widespread illegalities and corrupt intent in Ukraine have become completely apparent—is that winning?" he wrote before adding, "Does it feel like winning when behind closed doors in every caucus meeting, or wherever two or three Republican senators or congressmen gather, that the topic inevitably turns towards how sick they are of defending your bullshit? Does it feel like winning to know that for elected Republicans every day the cost of defying you shrinks, and the cost of defying the voters rises?"

"Does that feel like winning Donald?" he added as the final dagger.

You can read the whole scorching column here (subscription required).