‘Giuliani better be prepared to take the fall’: Ex-prosecutor breaks down Trump throwing Rudy under the bus
Rudy Giuliani appears on NBC's "Meet the Press" (screen grab)

President Donald Trump on Tuesday fingered Rudy Giuliani -- his own attorney -- as the fall guy for his Ukraine scandal.

MSNBC anchor Ari Melber interviewed former federal prosecutor Glenn Kischner shortly after the breaking news," Kirschner said.

"So I think the message that is being sent is that Rudy Giuliani better be prepared to take the fall," Kirschner said.

"After all, look at Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, he's in jail for a crime that he did in concert -- in coordination -- with Donald Trump," he explained. "Donald Trump is still sitting in the Oval Office."

"It sounds like Trump may be preparing to pull a Michael Cohen on Rudy Giuliani," Kirschner added.

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