Giuliani henchman's attempt to get his GPS tracker removed goes down in flames
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

Attorneys for Igor Fruman, one of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine henchmen, tried to get a court to remove their client's GPS tracker on Friday -- and were quickly shot down by a U.S. District Court Judge.

As reported by BuzzFeed's Ema O'Connor, Judge J. Paul Oetken of United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on Friday denied Fruman's bail modification requests after his attorneys unsuccessfully tried to argue that their client was not a flight risk.

In their appeal, Fruman's lawyers claimed that their client was not actually trying to flee the country when he bought a one-way ticket to Vienna along with his indicted co-conspirator, Lev Farnas. Rather, they claimed, Fruman usually bought one-way tickets because they were cheaper than round-trip tickets.

Government lawyers, however, countered that Fruman bought his ticket literally one day after being subpoenaed by Congress. They also argued that Fruman would have been well positioned to live a good life outside the United States, as he is listed as the CEO of a luxury hotel and restaurant group in Ukraine.

O'Connor claims that Judge Oetken appeared "somewhat perplexed" by the attorneys representing Fruman, and he quickly ruled that the GPS tracker stay in place.