‘It was an absolute disaster for them’: Far-right activists gloat after triggering Trump Jr at UCLA
Donald Trump Jr. appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Right-wing activists over the weekend forced Donald Trump Jr. to abruptly end a promotional event after they relentlessly heckled him for refusing to do a question-and-answer session.

Some far-right hecklers have told the Guardian that they were trying to protest the Trump administration for not being racist enough by only going after undocumented immigrants instead of all immigrants.

"It was an absolute disaster for them," one of the hecklers explained to the Guardian. "We wanted to ask questions about immigration and about Christianity, but they didn’t want to face those questions."

The protests against Trump Jr. were organized by Nicholas Fuentes, a white supremacist who participated in the infamous 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

After Trump Jr. rushed off the stage, Fuentes took a victory lap on Twitter and said that the president's son was making a big mistake by allying with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, whom he accused of undermining Trump's "America First" agenda.

"President Trump’s agenda has been subverted from the beginning by people in his White House or inner circle who didn’t vote for him, aren’t loyal to him, and actively oppose his policies," Fuentes wrote. "They are the Globalist GOP swamp trying to recapture the party from Trump and his voters!"

Atlas Winfrey, an organizer with anti-fascist organization Refuse Fascism, says that the protests against Trump Jr. show how the far right has grown and become more influential.

"Trump Jr's event was a debacle because it was disrupted by fascists critical that Trump is not ethnically cleansing the country of ALL non-white immigrants and only going after the undocumented immigrants," Winfrey said. "This should sound an alarm on the degree to which a fascist student movement is gaining ground on US campuses."