John Dean says the Republican Party clearly doesn't know what they're doing
Nixon White House counsel John Dean. Image via screengrab.

Former White House counsel John Dean couldn't help but notice that the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives seem to be in a mess of trouble.

The morning began with the GOP's key witness, Ambassador Gordon Sondland not only didn't give Republicans what they needed, he threw the president, vice president and Secretary of State under the bus, along with the president's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

Dean explained that when he was dealing with former President Richard Nixon's impeachment, the GOP was far more organized.

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Dean about his observations during the Watergate era and if the White House kept claiming that everything was awesome.

"Not really," Dean said flatly. "They constantly had talking points they put out. Nixon locked in on a defense very early. That he knew nothing about the cover-up until I had told him in March of 1973 and said before that 'I knew nothing.' It was an outrageous lie and when tape came out showing he was in on week one, that blew all of his defense. So, they stuck with that defense."

During former President Bill Clinton's impeachment in the 1990s, Dean remembered the late Barbara Olsen constantly picking up her phone during every break to talk about how things were playing.

"Finally she told me, and I said why are you talking every break and she said, 'Well we have an organization that we have somebody monitoring all of the shows, we have key talking points being issued and I make sure I hit my points during my next hit on air," Dean recalled. "So, they knew exactly what they were doing. The Republican Party I'm seeing right now, has no talking points. Jennings had no talking points earlier. It is not organized like that."

The White House has said that "Trump" is the White House's war room.

Watch Dean's comments below: