Sondland is in 'a world of trouble' after Holmes revelations: Ex-White House adviser
Gordon Sondland (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Saturday, David Guy, the former special impeachment adviser to President Bill Clinton, told anchor Christi Paul that President Donald Trump's angry tweet against Marie Yovanovitch, and State Department aide David Holmes' new testimony that he overheard President Donald Trump talking to EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland about military aide, are huge problems for both the president and Sondland.

"I'm wondering, did you see that tweet as she was testifying, the tweet from the president, as President Trump kind of sabotaging himself?" asked Paul.

"I think what it is — and the media missed this because he does outrageous things and it's a distraction — but what happens is when he does this, it distracts the Republicans from their strategy of the day, which was also distraction, but it shifted," said Smith. "Even Fox News, in real time, reported it shifted the mood, the tone of the Yovanovitch hearing, and now what we have from Holmes is yet one more of the Republican talking points is removed."

"And this only was day two of the hearings," added Smith. "I mean, go back when the whistleblower — nobody knew about Ukraine. And here we are, day one, we get this big revelation about this phone call with the president's actual voice and the Republicans kept saying, oh, it's hearsay, it's hearsay. It's no longer hearsay. It's the real thing. Imagine where we're gonna be next week. We have eight more witnesses, fact witnesses, and Sondland's coming back, and he's in just a world of trouble."

Sondland had previously testified he had no awareness of an attempt by Trump to extort Ukraine with military aid. He has since revised that testimony to admit he was aware of such a plan.

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