'Stop screwing around!' CNN's Berman erupts after John Bolton posts cryptic 'stay tuned' tweet
CNN's John Berman

CNN's John Berman on Friday grew visibly angry after seeing that former Trump national security adviser John Bolton posted a cryptic tweet on his account telling his followers to "stay tuned" for more information.

On Friday morning, Bolton posted on Twitter for the first time since September and wrote, "Glad to be back on Twitter after more than two months. For the backstory, stay tuned."

Bolton, who has cut a deal to write a book about his time in the Trump White House, has so far avoided testifying publicly in the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry, even though several other witnesses have pointed to him as a key figure in the events surrounding President Donald Trump's efforts to get Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

Reacting to Bolton's tweet, Berman sounded exasperated and chided the former Trump official for not being completely forthcoming about what he knows.

"Can i just say, John Bolton, stop screwing around!" he said. "At this point, if you want to sell your books, go sell your books. If you want to talk to Congress, talk to Congress, but this isn't a game."

Watch the video below.