'Where the hell is John Bolton?': CNN's Toobin rips ex-Trump adviser for cashing in while aide Hill testifies before Congress
Jeffrey Toobin -- CNN screengrab

A CNN panel discussion on the anticipated testimony by a former top aide to John Bolton -- who served as President Donald Trump's national security advisor before the two had a falling out -- turned into an attack on Bolton by legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin for standing by and saying nothing as the impeachment inquiry unfolds.

At the mention of Bolton's name, in reference to the testimony expected from Fiona Hill on Thursday, Toobin blurted, "Where the hell is John Bolton?"

"Why is he not testifying?" Toobin asked the CNN panel. "Why doesn't he walk in there and testify? She [Hill] has an interesting line in her testimony where she says, I believe that those who have information that Congress deems relevant have a legal and moral obligation to provide it."

"John Bolton apparently has a legal and moral obligation to give speeches for money," the legal analyst sarcastically added. "To give -- have a $2 million book contract to talk about all these issues, but when the Congress of the United States is deciding impeachment, John Bolton has to go to court and say, 'no.' I mean, what is that about?"

"I agree with that," co-panelist David Gregory added, saying what Hill is prepared to testify to "is very much coming from John Bolton who is a Trump appointee."

Watch below: