The View's Meghan McCain insists Democrats are too weak to impeach -- and rants into commercial break
Meghan McCain (ABC)

The two conservative co-hosts of "The View" agreed the House hadn't turned up enough evidence yet to impeach President Donald Trump, but Meghan McCain erupted when she was interrupted for a commercial break.

Conservative Abby Huntsman has been more open to the impeachment inquiry, saying that Trump's actions toward Ukraine had been inexcusable, but she's not convinced he committed a crime worthy of impeachment.

But McCain, who has argued all along that Democrats were overplaying their hand politically, insisted Trump's opponents were too weak to take him down.

“One of the things that I pride myself in is we can’t get sucked into the Beltway in the media circles,” McCain said. “What I saw last night on the debate stage is not going to be good enough to beat him.”

She then complained that her co-hosts hadn't been persuaded by her arguments.

“You all are very convinced he’s crazy, he’s whatever,” McCain said. “He’s always been crazy like a fox. I knew he was going to win in 2016 and I’m telling you right now if you think this impeachment hearing and everything with Sondland and the 30,000 cast of characters.”

Host Joy Behar tried to usher the show into a commercial break as McCain continued arguing that Americans didn't care about the hearings, and Behar interjected that she hoped House Democrats would issue subpoenas to Rudy Giuliani and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

That's when McCain erupted.

“You’re not listening to what I’m saying," she shouted. "You’re not listening to what I’m saying. Do you know what matters is the Electoral College, which is what you all should be focusing on right now.”