'Add it to the pile of lies': CNN guest destroys Rudy Giuliani for shamelessly falsifying his resume
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani launched a new Facebook page aimed at promoting his purported "investigation" in Ukraine, but it has been marred from the start by false claims the former New York mayor has made about his own work experience.

In particular, Giuliani lists himself as a former United States attorney general and a current government employee. In reality, Giuliani never served as AG and he is not on the payroll of the federal government and only works as President Donald Trump's personal lawyer.

CNN panelist Josh Rogin on Wednesday slammed Giuliani for falsifying his resume, even as he has come under legal scrutiny for potentially illegal activities related to his work in Ukraine on the president's behalf.

"Add it to the pile of lies and other crazy things that Rudy Giuliani has said over the last few months as he's run around the world representing the United States in a shadow diplomacy that has apparently been endorsed by the president and thrown U.S. policy, especially in Ukraine, but not only Ukraine, into utter chaos," Rogin said.

Rogin went on to say that Giuliani's actions have done "nothing but confuse foreign countries and interject a lot of chaos" into global affairs.

Watch the video below.