Christian woman buries evangelicals for the 'shameful moral stain' of backing Trump
President Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell, Jr. at Liberty University. White House photo.

Chicago resident Esther Nieves has some harsh words for her fellow Christians when it comes to their continued support for President Donald Trump.

In a letter to the editor published by the Chicago Sun-Times, Nieves buried evangelicals who have cast their lot in with the president and she accused them of abandoning the biblical values that they have traditionally preached to their fellow Americans.

"As someone born and reared in an Evangelical Christian household, where the teachings of Jesus centered on love, reconciliation, and compassion, I reject the ill will and multiple layers of prejudice and divisiveness Donald Trump has wrought," she wrote. "What would Jesus do? First, Jesus would not use Twitter to serve up daily doses of crude comments and hate-filled attacks on private citizens and public figures."

Nieves also argued that Trump does not at all believe in Christianity, and said that he is cynically using Christians to secure his own political power.

"History will point to the shameful moral stain of Evangelical Christian leaders and of congregations who succumbed to Trump’s shrewd hypocrisy," she wrote. "They will be depicted as having compromised their spiritual path, moral compass and prophetic voices to a charlatan. Let’s pray and work to change this reality, and to transform the nation into one of just, humane and equitable democratic principles and values."

Read the whole letter here.