Devin Nunes should be investigated over his ties to Trump-Ukraine scandal: former Ethics Committee GOP chairman
Former GOP lawmaker Charlie Dent appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Appearing on CNN's 'New Day" very early on Wednesday morning, the former Republican Chairman of House Ethics Committee said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) should be the subject of an investigation over his involvement in Donald Trump's Ukraine scandal.

Speaking with host Alisyn Camerota, ex-Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) said  Tuesday's revelation that Nunes was in contact with indicted Lev Parnas was alarming and should be just one part of the focus by the committee.

"If you were still the chair of the House Ethics Committee, would you take up this matter?" host Camerota asked.

'Well, based on what I've read, I would suspect that as the chairman I would talk to the ranking member," Dent began. "By the way, the Ethics Committee -- some people should know this -- they're investigating violations of House rules and enforcement of House rules. Some of these investigations could become criminal, but they're dealing with violations. The chairman and ranking member will sit down and no doubt have a conversation about whether or not they should open an investigation."

"There are two types of investigations: one that they can open on their own and a second type where there would be a vote of the committee and they would impanel four members to investigate this," he continued. "By the way, that committee is the only committee in Congress that has even numbers of Republicans and Democrats."

"You're saying that from what you've seen thus far, that this warrants an opening of an investigation?" the CNN host pressed.

'Well, I certainly think there should probably be a review of what happened, and I would start that way," he replied. "If that initial review by the chair and the ranking member, you know, finds that there is cause, you know, to make this a more formal investigation, then they would impanel the subcommittee."

"Again, based on the phone calls, I really couldn't say," Dent stated. "I was more concerned about the reports last week about flying on a Congressionally funded trip to fly to Vienna to meet with them -- that's the bigger problem. I don't know what was said in the phone calls."

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