Fox & Friends guest rants about 'radicals' who are 'changing Christmas into holiday'
Fox and Friends (Screen Capture)

Conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager delivered a bonkers rant on "Fox & Friends" Monday morning in which he accused "radicals" of trying to undermine America's "Judeo-Christian" heritage by wishing people "Happy Holidays."

During the interview, Prager outlined the grave national danger America faces if more of its citizens stop wishing one another a Merry Christmas.

"This country -- and I'm saying this as a religious Jew, I want to make that clear -- this country is founded on Judeo-Christian principles. God is the source of our rights -- that is in the Declaration of Independence!"

Prager then explained how militant secularists have purportedly destroyed this concept of our rights for the past four decades.

"I am deeply worried about the radical secularization of America!" he thundered. "And the obvious arena -- the most obvious, perhaps -- is changing 'Christmas' into 'holiday.' Kids no longer have Christmas vacation -- holiday vacation! Companies no longer have Christmas parties -- holiday parties! And, of course, it's 'Happy Holidays,' not 'Merry Christmas!'"

He then argued that inviting people to a Christmas party is inclusive of other faiths even though those other faiths don't celebrate Christmas.

Watch the video below.