George Conway attacks Republicans for cynically using the president's teenage son in their latest impeachment distraction
George Conway (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican Washington, D.C. lawyer George Conway blasted Republicans for using the president's son to distract from the impeachment investigations.

During the testimony of Stanford Professor Pamela S. Karlan used the name "Barron" as an example of what would be considered corruption.

The Trump campaign has decided that the example Karlan gave to describe corruption was an effort at bullying the president’s son. In fact, the comment was, “The president can name his son Barron, but he can’t make him a baron.” The same would have been true if she had said, “The president can name his son Prince, he can’t make him a prince.”

Instead of releasing a simple statement saying, "let's leave my son's name out of it," the White House, Trump campaign, Trump family, first lady, president, vice president, Republican members in Congress and many right-leaning political pundits took to Twitter to make the story even larger, spreading the young man's name all over the internet.

Conway explained that the GOP's outrage was clearly manufactured as evidenced by the fact that more of the Republicans were spreading the youngest Trump's name than Democrats, making the issue even greater.

"Let’s see now. Which side is making a fever-pitched big deal out of the rhetorical play on the words 'Barron' and 'baron'? That tells you who’s making the president’s son an issue and who has reached a desperate new low," he tweeted.