Goldman Sachs employees revolt over company’s decision to host Confederate flag-defender Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley is getting some pushback from some Goldman Sachs employees in the wake of comments she made that some interpreted to be a defense of the Confederate flag, Bloomberg reports.

The employees spoke up regarding the former UN ambassador's scheduled appearance at the firm's New York offices, and have asked Goldman President John Waldron to cancel the appearance.

Haley came under fire after she gave an interview to conservative radio personality Glenn Beck, where she said the Confederate flag represented “service, sacrifice, and heritage” for some people in her state of South Carolina, adding that the flag was "hijacked" by Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

Goldman Sachs has responded by assuring the protesting employees that questions directed to Haley during her appearance will address "difficult topics."

“We are committed to using the Talks at GS platform to directly explore the views of our guests, particularly on difficult topics,” the company wrote in an email to employees who raised the issue. “John Waldron will ask Ambassador Haley to address her recent comments on the Confederate flag and will share the sentiments of you and others in our community.“