GOPer Collins battered for demand to postpone Trump impeachment so he can get caught up: 'Collins doesn’t do his homework'
Doug Collins appears on CBS News (screen grab)

On Saturday, Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the senior Republican on the House Judiciary Committee made a demand to the Democrats that they postpone Monday's hearing on the impeachment of Donald Trump, saying he needed more time to digest a fifty-plus page report that Democrats released over the weekend.

After tweeting out his demand -- as well as issuing a statement -- the voluble Trump defenders was hammered on his own Twitter feed with commenters telling him do his job and read the report in the meantime.

After Collins tweeted, "Chairman Nadler has no choice but to postpone Monday’s hearing in the wake of a last-minute document transmission that shows just how far Democrats have gone to pervert basic fairness," he got buried in derision.

You can see the responses below: