Mike Pence was implicated — and Fox News just threw him under the bus
Vice President Mike Pence (MSNBC)

Fox News revealed on the lower-third of their screen Tuesday night that the House Intelligence Committee report implicates Vice President Mike Pence, as "The Weekly List's" Amy Siskind captured.

Indeed, Pence was implicated in the damning report released Tuesday afternoon, though Fox News has been implicated in coordinating with President Donald Trump to get rid of the Ukraine ambassador and perpetuate conspiracy theories that protect Russia.

As Yahoo News reporter Mike Isikoff pointed out, the report alleges that Pence was “either knowledgeable of or active participant” in the impeachable offenses committed by the president.

Fox personality Sean Hannity was implicated for working with Giuliani and Donald Trump Jr. to tear down then-Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.