Navy SEAL shreds Trump for pardoning Eddie Gallagher in scathing interview
Donald Trump speaks at the Republican convention/Screenshot

A Navy SEAL who testified against accused war criminal Eddie Gallagher is speaking out, albeit anonymously, about President Donald Trump's decision to pardon and champion a man who was described as "evil" by his fellow soldiers.

In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune, the unidentified SEAL said it was inappropriate for politicians to interject themselves into military tribunal cases.

“When you look at politicians getting involved in military justice — whether it’s a congressman from San Diego or the president — with their involvement, it isn’t justice,” the witness said. “It’s political, when shooting civilians and executing prisoners shouldn’t be.”

Newly revealed recordings show that several of the men who served with Gallagher told investigators that they believed he was completely unhinged and enjoyed killing people for no reason at all.

Among other things, Gallagher was described by his own men as "freaking evil" and "toxic." Special Operator First Class Corey Scott told investigators that Gallagher "was perfectly O.K. with killing anybody that was moving."

Despite all this, Trump interfered with the military justice system to ensure that Gallagher was not stripped as his status as a Navy SEAL, and the president has since invited him to campaign rallies.