President argues NY governor has ‘lost his mind’ for investigating the Trump Organization
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Saturday again publicly complained about investigations by the state of New York.

Following a day at Trump International Golf Club, Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago and quickly began tweeting.

The commander-in-chief begged the Speaker of the House of Representatives to spend less time in the capitol and praised Rush Limbaugh as a "major star."

And then he attacked the state of New York, where he had residency before signing paperwork to official establish himself as a Florida man.

"So sad to see that New York City and State are falling apart," the president of the United States tweeted.

"All they want to do is investigate to make me hate them even more than I should," Trump argued, in a line that will surely get attention from armchair psychologists.

"Governor Cuomo has lost control, and lost his mind. Very bad for the homeless and all," the commander-in-chief added.