Republican lawyer aghast by Rudy Giuliani's 'inexplicable' decision to conduct booze-fueled interviews
Rudy Giuliani speaks to MSNBC (screen grab)

Former federal prosecutor Joseph Moreno on Tuesday told CNN that he was shocked and appalled watching former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani conduct booze-fueled interviews with journalists in which he accuses the people who are investigating him for criminal wrongdoing of being "idiots."

During a round table discussion on Giuliani's latest train wreck interview, Moreno was at a loss to explain what, if any, strategy that President Donald Trump's personal attorney is employing.

"As a former New Yorker, as a former federal prosecutor, and as a Republican, I had a lot of respect for Rudy Giuliani for so many years as to what he did in New York City," he said. "What he's doing now is so inexplicable in terms of his legal and public relations strategy for any client, much less the president of the United States."

Moreno then pointed to reports that even Attorney General Bill Barr has advised Trump to kick Giuliani to the curb on the grounds that he's become a liability whose actions have led to the president's impeachment.

"It's hard to argue with that from what we're seeing in this and other interviews like it," Moreno said.

Watch the video below.