Rudy Giuliani needs to undergo a 'full battery of neuropsychological testing' after latest unhinged interview: psychiatrist
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

David Reiss, a practicing psychiatrist, has raised alarm bells regarding the mental health of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

"Giuliani's public behaviors indicate that he should have a full battery of neuropsychological testing," Reiss said after the former New York mayor's unhinged interview with New York Magazine.

Reiss added that Giuliani's antics were "notably MORE suggestive of neurologically-based cognitive deterioration than Trump's behaviors (many of which can be due to malignant narcissism or other issues)."

In his latest interview, Giuliani claimed to be "more of a Jew" than Holocaust survivor and billionaire financier George Soros. He also said "that he doesn’t trust anyone anymore" after his associates -- who were involved in efforts to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in Ukraine -- were arrested.

Trump's attorney also displayed some other odd behaviors, according to New York Magazine: "As he spoke, he fixed his gaze straight ahead, rarely turning to make eye contact. When his mouth closed, saliva leaked from the corner and crawled down his face through the valley of a wrinkle. He didn’t notice, and it fell onto his sweater."