Trump busted for ridiculous new lie about fluorescent light bulbs
Donald Trump in coal helmet giving a double thumbs up during West Virginia rally. May 2016 (Photo: Screen capture)

Daniel Dale, CNN's seemingly tireless Trump fact checker, has caught the president telling yet another falsehood.

As Dale writes on Twitter, the president told supporters at a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan last week that energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs are bad because you have to travel "a couple of hundred miles away" to dispose of them if they break.

Dale, however, contacted Battle Creek city officials and they informed him that "they actually have two annual collection events in Battle Creek, two in the county seat 11 miles away."

Additionally, as one of Dale's followers pointed out, stores such as Home Depot accept old fluorescent light bulbs as part of their waste disposal and recycling program. A quick Google Maps search reveals that there is a Home Depot that's about a half-hour drive away from Battle Creek.