Trump wants to add Alan Dershowitz to his impeachment legal team: report
Alan Dershowitz appears on Fox News (screen grab)

According to a report from ABC, Donald Trump wants to add controversial lawyer Alan Dershowitz to his impeachment legal team.

The reports states the president and his advisers are looking for help as he faces an impeachment trial in the Senate and the president wants the former law professor on his team.

"Dershowitz, who was often called upon by the White House and the president's attorneys to appear on television during the Mueller investigation, has been in the headlines due to his ties to now-deceased accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein," ABC reports. "Dershowitz was a member of a star legal team that represented Epstein during his multiple investigations beginning in the mid 2000s."

In an editorial last week, ABC reports Dershowitz "wrote that the two articles of impeachment proposed by the House Judiciary committee failed to meet the standard in his opinion. 'Both are so vague and open ended that they could be applied in partisan fashion by a majority of the House against almost any president from the opposing party.'"

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