'Very little respect for him -- if any': MSNBC’s Mika breaks down embarrassing video of world leaders mocking Trump
Mika Brzezinski and Justin Trudeau

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski examined the evidence and found no reason to doubt that other world leaders were mocking President Donald Trump behind his back at the NATO summit.

The U.S. president ranted at length against his impeachment and the Democrats leading investigations into his apparent wrongdoing, and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was caught on video laughing at Trump with other NATO leaders.

"NBC News has not confirmed who the world leaders were discussing," the "Morning Joe" co-host said. "Representatives for (British Prime Minister Boris) Johnson and (French President Emmanuel) Macron issued no comments when asked about the video in question, but we can do some math."

"President Trump's remarks alongside NATO Secretary (Jens) Stoltenberg were slated for 20 minutes as the first event of the day," she added. "According to the official White House transcript, the meeting ran approximately 53 minutes. Likewise, President Trump's midday meeting with French President Macron lasted around 38 minutes. They were making fun of him."

The video shows Trudeau laughing that his team's jaws dropped while listening to Trump's bizarre rant, which lasted about 40 minutes -- the exact amount of time the Canadian prime minister said the other world leader had been late.

"It's pretty clear when you watch it, it is obvious they're talking about him," Brzezinski said. "They're mocking him, and they have very little respect for him at all, if any."