WATCH: Democrat-turned-Republican Jeff Van Drew slobbers all over Fox Business host before praising Trump

Starting off an almost 9-minute interview on Fox News, Rep Jeff Van Drew (R-NY) gushed all over host Maria Bartiromo before she let him praise President Donald Trump while trying to explain his leaving the Democratic Party.

Van Drew, who voted against both articles of impeachment against Trump, kicked off his interview by fawning over the Fox Business host known for  toeing the Trump line as well as a history of softball interviews with wealthy businessmen.

“I’m so proud to be associated with you,” Van Drew blurted after being introduced. “You truly represent what news media should be about and just how to conduct a show like this. I’m very proud of you and the work that you do and the objectivity that you have.”

"I really appreciate that," she replied to which he enthused, "You were the first one to give me a shot!"

Watch below: