WATCH LIVE: House Judiciary Committee holds second day of hearings on the impeachment of Donald Trump
President Donald Trump, pictured February 11, 2019, is widely seen to have suffered politically more than Democrats over the shutdown fight. (AFP/File / Nicholas Kamm)

The Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee takes up the impeachment of Donald Trump again on Monday morning, with lawmakers expected to hear evidence against the president that could lead to a Senate trial for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Monday's hearing will include opening arguments "made by Barry H. Berke for the committee Democrats and Stephen R. Castor for the Republicans. Daniel S. Goldman, the Democratic counsel for the House Intelligence Committee, will then present the evidence for impeachment, and Mr. Castor will present the evidence against it. Judiciary Committee members will then ask questions," reports the New York Times.

You can watch live video below: