'Bill Barr can't do a criminal investigation on a matter he's involved in': Ex-federal prosecutor calls for special prosecutor
William Barr at his Senate confirmation hearing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance appeared on MSNBC in the wake of Rachel Maddow's interview with Lev Parnas. One of the shocking revelations was a link that Parnas provided about Attorney General Bill Barr being "in" on the Ukraine conspiracy.

One fact being lost in the conversation about the trunk-load of documents Parnas provided is that the Department of Justice has had the documents for three months as part of the Parnas indictment. At no time did Barr or any of his prosecutors indicate that the documents revealed evidence of an international conspiracy.

In a discussion with host Brian Williams, Vance explained that Barr is no longer an independent actor.

"We need to have a special counsel," she demanded. "Why is that? Because it's clear that Bill Barr can't conduct a criminal investigation about a matter that he is perhaps involved in, certainly would be a witness in. Impeachment is only about the president. There are criminal charges here. Only a special counsel can get to the bottom of that."

Watch her full comments below: