Internet smashes 'hack' Alan Dershowitz's argument as 'contrary to law and fact'
Alan Dershowitz arguing in Trump’s impeachment hearing (screengrab)

As Alan Dershowitz went up to defend President Donald Trump Monday evening, he faced off against the increasingly more popular episode of "The Bachelor," who beat the lawyer in the Twitter horse-race of national trends.

Lawyers took to Twitter to respond to the argument outlined by Dershowitz and dispute his assessment of the law. Even Dershowitz admitted to the Senate that his is a "minority view," something legal scholars noted was because it is "wrong."

At least one lawyer pointed out that Dershowitz selectively quoted from the sources he used, neglecting to mention other comments they'd made that would have undercut his own argument.

Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a former Harvard Law professor herself, explained that the legal arguments outlined by Dershowitz were outright false.

You can see the other responses from Twitter below: