McConnell frantic Trump will do something to derail speedy impeachment trial before another bombshell hits: report
Mitch McConnell speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

According to a report at the Daily Beast, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has multiple reasons for hoping to get the impeachment trial of Donald Trump over with as quickly as possible, including the fear that more bombshells are about to drop or the president may stick his nose in the proceedings and disrupt the whole process.

With McConnell proposing the rules of engagement late Monday night -- which will be debated by the Senate and voted upon -- the Republican leadership wants the trial over quickly in the hopes it will not inflict too much damage on embattled GOP senators facing tough re-election prospects already with Trump likely at the head of the ticket.

Of greatest concern is yet another bombshell report that might be added into the impeachment trial proceedings.

"Last Thursday, as senators were sworn in as jurors, they were struggling to keep up with incendiary, breaking allegations about Trumpworld’s conduct on Ukraine from Lev Parnas, an associate of Trump’s personal lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. On top of that, a federal government watchdog had just found that the White House violated the law in withholding appropriated funds from Ukraine," the Beast reports. " Taken together, it all seems a recipe for mayhem—a sign that anything could happen as the trial unfolds over the next several weeks. But underneath all the drama, the fundamental political reality has remained static since the beginning: When it’s over and the votes are tallied, Trump will almost certainly not be removed from office."

As if that is not enough, there is also the worry that the president will start tweeting about the trial which could create additional chaos.

"McConnell’s control has its limits. The president’s Twitter feed, for example, falls far outside his jurisdiction—and can, as it has before, scramble the Senate GOP’s careful plans at any moment," the reports states, adding that some of Trump's staunchest defenders could also gum up the works.

"Most Senate Republicans’ desire for a smooth, minimally dramatic affair could clash with Trumpworld’s appetite for total war. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, for instance, has threatened to force multiple votes to call Biden if Democrats continue to push for their own witnesses. Many, however, are wary of creating a 'circus-like' atmosphere—something that top Republicans like Sen. John Cornyn of Texas have explicitly warned against," the Beast reports, with Cornyn admitting, "I think a lot of this is more a focus on putting the incumbent Republicans who are on the ballot in 2020—making sure that they have some hard votes to cast that can be used against them in the campaign. Because we know how the story ends, especially with the 67-vote threshold.”

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