Obama-Trump swing voters are furious at 'biased' Mitch McConnell: report
Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky speaking at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Swing voters are sick of impeachment -- but they aren't happy with Senate Majority Mitch McConnell's handling of the trial.

A focus group of Pennsylvania voters who backed Barack Obama in 2012 but voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 indicated they didn't like McConnell pledging that he couldn't be an "impartial juror," and they believe that will ultimately hurt the president, reported Axios.

"That was a terrible statement to make publicly," said swing voter Don E. "He's proven that he's biased. He's working with the White House, per se. He has to be impartial, that's what the Constitution says in this situation, that he has to be impartial."

None of the 11 participants disagreed with Don's view, and at least two of them said McConnell's comments gave Democrats "talking points" to keep pushing even if Trump survived impeachment.

"It's looking for trouble," said participant Mary M.