'Organized-crime-type stuff': Republican Trump foe George Conway on shocking new Lev Parnas documents
Attorney George Conway speaking to Georgetown Law (screengrab)

Republican Washington lawyer George Conway blasted President Donald Trump for his involvement revealed by a series of documents released by Rudy Giuliani's associate Lev Parnas.

Tuesday, however, the House dropped documents handed over to the Intelligence Committee by Parnas. What the documents appeared to show was a record of the international conspiracy involving Giuliani, Parnas and Trump.

As his Twitter feed blew up with comments and retweets, Conway explained that the details in these documents are akin to an organized crime operation. As a former mafia-busting prosecutor, it puts Giuliani on another side of a legal argument.

Check out Conway's comments below:

Conway, who Trump mocks as Mr. Kellyanne Conway, has brought together a group of Republicans to work against the president and air ads questioning the legitimacy of Trump's dedication to Evangelical Questions.