Pompeo ripped for blowing off outrage over Suleimani killing as 'a little noise': 'That noise will be Americans dying'
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo giving an exclusive interview to the Christian Broadcasting Network (screengrab)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hit all the cable shows on Sunday morning to defend the killing of Iranian military official Qassem Suleimani on orders from President Donald Trump, and managed to stoked even more outrage after calling the ensuing worldwide furor "a little noise" in a glib aside.

As NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel wrote on Twitter, "On @MeetThePress Secretary @SecPompeo said killing Soleimani 100% makes America safer, 'even if there's a little noise here in the interim.' I remember, as Baghdad was being looted after Saddam’s overthrow, Rumsfeld said: 'Freedom's untidy.'"

Twitter users, many of whom fear that "noise" might result in a shooting war or attacks on overseas U.S. military members, hammered the Trump administration official of making light of the outrage and fears of others over what Donald Trump has wrought.

You can see some comments below: