Republicans are stuck between a rock and a hard place thanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Conservative columnist
Nancy Pelosi speaks to reporters at U.S. Capitol (CNN/screen grab)

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote in her Tuesday piece that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has done everything right, while Republicans are cowering in fear of President Donald Trump.

In her Washington Post column, Rubin explained that Pelosi had the foresight to show the trial, outline the evidence and delay sending the articles of impeachment until the public was behind Democrats.

"With an assist from former national security adviser John Bolton, Pelosi cornered Senate Republicans who had hoped to escape the spectacle of a full airing of President Trump’s unconscionable conduct," wrote Rubin. "They can acquit, and in all likelihood will, but they cannot facilitate Trump’s cover-up without implicating themselves and entirely discrediting the process. They face humiliation when evidence eventually comes out. If they vote to acquit without hearing from Bolton, Trump will be denied the satisfaction of exoneration by a credible process."

She noted that the release of the new Quinnipiac University poll puts Republicans between a rock and a hard place. The rock being the votes they'll need to get elected in November and the hard place the president of the United States.

"Registered voters want witnesses by a margin of 75 to 20 percent," Rubin cited. "That includes '49 percent of Republicans, 95 percent of Democrats, and 75 percent of independents.' In a party known for its cultish obedience to the White House line, Trump cannot even peddle his 'no witnesses' snake oil."

She went on to explain that there are only two possible escape routes for the president and he won't like either of them.

"First, he could stipulate to every fact presented by Democrats, essentially admitting that he and his lawyers lied. He could then rely on his “not impeachable!” argument. Second, Republicans could start brokering a deal for censure. Trump is not one to admit error, however, so the chances are slim to none that he would agree to either. Moreover, he cannot prevent the truth from coming out. Bolton’s book will be published."

Bolton's book is slated to be released in March, after Republicans will vote whether or not to hear what he has to say. If they vote against calling Bolton as a witness and his book reveals more, Republicans will look like fools. It will then give an opening for endangered senators to be attacked by their Democratic challengers for refusing to hear the witnesses Americans said they wanted.

"With even former chief of staff John Kelly rooting for Bolton to testify, it likely is now a matter of when, not if, Bolton will appear. (Democrats aren’t about to let Republicans simply read the manuscript in secret, as they’ve proposed)," Rubin closed. "No, Bolton and all his notes are almost certain to see the light of day. Republicans will have to come face to face with evidence of a dangerously unfit president."

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