Republicans can't wait to give Trump a pass on impeachment so he'll quit threatening them: Rick Wilson
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

In yet another typically scorching column for the Daily Beast, GOP campaign consultant Rick Wilson said Republicans lawmakers want Donald Trump's impeachment trial to get over with so he will quit threatening them and he can get back to running his "gangster government."

Using the report that an aide to the president darkly warned GOP senators that they better not buck the president's wishes in the impeachment trial lest they find their "heads on a pike," Wilson said the Republicans are acquiescing as always to the bullying president.

“'Head on a pike.' 'Take her out.' A rigged Senate impeachment trial with a foregone conclusion where one party isn’t even bothering to pretend they have the least commitment to truth, the rule of law, or the good of the country. Calls for the arrests and court-martial of whistleblowers and truth-tellers. An endless assault on a free press," he began. "Taken separately, these are troubling glimpses inside the political hurricane of the moment, but as a mosaic, they portend something so much more dangerous. The enemy is always within for Trump."

"When I saw that the president’s political team had threatened his own allies with the message, 'Vote against the President and your head will be on a pike', my first thought was that Steve Bannon’s latest batch of bathtub meth was a tad too strong, but on a moment’s reflection, I realized this was just where we are now as a nation. The Republicans senators live in cringing terror of a Trump-driven primary and of hostile tweets from his mob of mouth-breathing Yokel Haram followers," he continued. " Unless you’re an aficionado of various medieval savageries or modern political systems defined by the consistent use of violence, the phrase 'head on a pike' might not be familiar to you. "

"If I, for instance, said, 'Vote to cover up Donald Trump’s malfeasance and you’ll be eaten by wild dogs and have your skin flensed off while we sell your womenfolk into chattel slavery,' the f*ck-your-feelings MAGA set would be weeping and rending their garments, insisting I had irreparably coarsened the political dialogue and affronted the dignity of the sacred position of the Senate and given Donald Trump a sad<" he elaborated.

According to Wilson, Republicans are under the gun to get the trial over as it is because of new revelations every day.

"It’s a lesson to Republican backers of Trump: More shit always comes out. Nothing is ever over when it comes to revelations regarding the criminality, corruption, mendacity, and stupidity of Trumpworld. It’s a feature, not a bug, and the evidence that will inevitably keep coming out will end up in the arsenal of your political opponents so long as you keep declaring his innocence and covering for his behavior," he wrote, before adding, " It’s almost—and call me crazy— like the gangster government of Donald Trump, the supine Republicans in his Senate caucus, his eager political fellators in the House, and the degraded claque of Trump-right media ball-washers have decided to go all-in on the new Trump thugocracy now aborning."

Calling the trial of Trump "an exercise in raw power politics is grinding toward its foregone conclusion," Wilson stated that "it’s all because Republicans in the Senate don’t have the courage God gave the common rat."

For the final twist of the knife, he concluded, "Senate Republicans are going to let Trump skate, and permanently realign the balance of power in the process, because they’re too chickenshit to stand up to his tweets, too terrified of a primary by some MAGA nutters, and to dumb to understand they’re ushering in an era that looks like nothing we’ve ever seen in this country. "

You can read the whole piece here (subscription required).