Fox and Friends host tries to cut off Rudy Giuliani as he spins more Ukraine conspiracies
Rudy Giuliani (Fox News)

Rudy Giuliani breathlessly uncorked new conspiracy theories about Joe Biden's activity in Ukraine, as nervous "Fox and Friends" hosts tried to cut him off.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney appeared Friday morning on Fox News, where he expanded on the conspiracies that form the heart of the impeachment case against the president.

"All of a sudden Biden has announced the most important guy in Ukraine, he is going to give out the money, then he hires Biden's son," Giuliani said. "Do you know what happened in between? He made a deal with Biden, you be on board against (former president Petro) Poroshenko taking my company, when they move to take the company. That's when Biden came in and had the prosecutor fired, and within four months the crooked oligarch sitting with $5 billion comes back to the Ukraine, he is not prosecuted. He is sitting there fat and happy with his company."

Co-host Steve Doocy persistently tried to cut Giuliani off to ask a question, but the president's lawyer continued ranting anti-Biden conspiracies.

"Then we have got another bribe," he said. "You don't think the president of the Ukraine shared in that $5 billion that the crook kept?"

"The bribe to the president of the Ukraine, the amount of money I can't be absolutely sure of," Giuliani said, stumbling enough to allow Doocy to finally cut in. "Let's say well in excess of $10 million."

Doocy tried to redirect Giuliani, who regained his footing.

"That shouldn't be revealed?" Giuliani said. "From a lawyer who finds out about this? Am I going to cover it up the way the Democrats and media cover it up? Absolutely not. I prosecuted too many corruption cases to sit by and watch my country sold out by a vice president who did it two other times, at least, in China."

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked how the saga would end, and Giuliani said he hoped Biden would land under investigation.

"You don't think if these things were said about Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. they wouldn't be under investigation immediately?" Giuliani said. "Instead of putting them under investigation, they are coming after me. They want to kill me."

Doocy nervously interrupted, and asked when Giuliani would provide proof of his claims.

"Today at noon I will give an introduction," he said. "Starting next week I will present witnesses, I have them all on tape. We will reveal one at a time, we will show there were two bribes. Not one, actually three."