'Wrong about the law, wrong about history': CNN's Berman levels Dershowitz for bogus Trump defense
CNN's John Berman reads from special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of Roger Stone (Screen cap).

CNN "New Day" host John Berman came right out and attacked attorney Alan Dershowitz for his arguments over why Donald Trump can't be ousted from office, flatly stating that former Harvard Law professor is "wrong."

After sharing "State of the Union" clips of Dershowitz attempting to make his case on Sunday, the CNN host made his own case.

"Alan Dershowitz is wrong," he began. "Professor Dershowitz is wrong about the law and wrong about the history here. Presidents have been impeached and tried for things that are not crimes. Judges have been impeached and tried for things that are not crimes, including drunkenness, by the way, which is not a crime."

"And not only does Alan Dershowitz -- and we played that [clip] -- disagree with Alan Dershowitz, but so does Alexander Hamilton," he continued. "This is what he wrote in the Federalist Papers Number 65. He goes: 'Those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men or in other words the abuse or violation of some public trust.'"

"I still don't think this will keep Dershowitz from making this argument on the floor, and I think some Republicans want to believe it," he added.

Watch below: