'Blood is required': GOP lawmaker's bizarre doomsday prepper rant caught on video
State Rep. Matt Shea (Facebook)

A new video has emerged of a Washington state Republican lawmaker calling on right-wing Christians to stockpile supplies.

The video, obtained by The Spokesman-Review, shows Rep. Matt Shea speaking to an isolated religious community in the state.

“Arm yourselves. Arm your families. Arm the church,” he says in the video, which was filmed at the annual God and Country Celebration in July of 2013.

“Godlessness is violence,” he adds. “We’ve got to prepare ourselves mentally. And part of that, too, is we’ve got to realize that every generation – blood is required of every generation. In some way, shape or form, blood is required of every generation.”

According to The Spokesman-Review, "Shea spoke for nearly an hour about government, politics, warfare and Christianity, urging church members to stockpile food, supplies and ammunition in preparation for a disaster. He warned of a civil war between “patriots” at home and “loyalists” from Washington, D.C."

Shea was accused last year of supporting domestic terrorism in a report released by the Washington House of Representatives. Leaked messages from an online chat network showed he was obsessed with conspiracy theories and expressed violent fantasies.

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