Even Donald Trump Jr fears his dad’s administration will bungle coronavirus response -- and doom 2020 election: report
Donald Trump Jr. appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Increased fears about a massive coronavirus outbreak in the United States have led some of President Donald Trump's allies to worry about how it will impact the American economy during an election year.

Politico reports that even Donald Trump Jr. is starting to feel nervous about how his father's White House is handling the virus.

"Donald Trump Jr. has mused to associates he hopes the White House does not screw up the response and put the president’s best reelection message at risk, said two individuals with knowledge of his comments," the publication writes.

Former White House economic adviser Stephen Moore predicted that the virus would soon be contained, but he said that he understood worries about how it will affect the economy.

"Trump’s reelection effort is so closely tied to the strength of the stock market and the economy,” he said. "Anything that shakes us off of that pro-growth track is a concern."

Politico reports that officials inside the White House have been looking at models that show the virus "hit a slew of industries including manufacturers, airlines, automakers and tech companies, slowing down both the U.S. and Chinese economies." Making matters worse, the publication writes, is that "the White House has few economic tricks it can deploy to lessen the impact."