Giuliani and other Trump allies are already cooking up new schemes after impeachment acquittal
Rudy Giuliani, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Rudy Giuliani and some of President Donald Trump's other lieutenants are already cooking up new schemes, now that his impeachment trial ended with a Republican acquittal.

Some GOP senators -- including Maine's Susan Collins -- have justified their vote by insisting the president had learned his lesson, but Trump explicitly contradicted them by claiming he'd done nothing wrong, and his attorney is moving forward with new plots against Joe Biden, reported The Daily Beast.

“Yes," Giuliani told The Daily Beast, "it’s a matter of the fair administration of justice for real.”

Giuliani collaborated on an investigation, in the midst of the impeachment inquiry, with the pro-Trump One America News Network intended to expose alleged Ukraine corruption involving the former vice president and his son Hunter Biden.

That scheme didn't save Trump from impeachment, and deeply alarmed senior administration officials, but Giuliani and OAN are moving ahead with new investigations into the Bidens.

“[OANN is producing an] hour-long special, part four of our series, featuring [the] personal attorney to the president, Rudy Giuliani,” OAN president Charles Herring told the website, “[and] finishing up post-production today [Wednesday], and it will be airing this weekend … There are several [Ukrainian] individuals, Viktor Shokin, who will be featured. Andriy Derkach will be featured … And a member of the Ukrainian parliament, Oleksandr Dubinsky, is also featured.”

Ukraine's security service raided a TV channel owned by oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, and some Ukrainians believe the raid was linked to his ties to Dubinsky, who met in December with Giuliani in Kyiv.

However, parliament officials pushed back on that claim, saying the security service was looking for possible wiretaps that recorded the Ukrainian prime minister.

“We’re considering another international trip, we’re working on the plans right now, which would lead us to part five of our series,” OAN’s president added, but he declined to say whether Giuliani would go along on the trip. “There’s a number of unanswered questions … regarding Ukraine and the Bidens, among other topics. We’re going to continue to dig.”

GOP senators Chuck Grassley (IA) and Ron Johnson (WI) are also picking up the investigation into the Bidens, just two weeks after Trump’s legislative affairs director Eric Ueland was overheard saying he "can't wait for revenge."

There's a growing sense the White House will seek to punish current and former administration officials who testified in the impeachment trial, and whom the president slurred as “human scum” and “liars.”

While most of the impeachment witnesses have already left the administration, current officials left in Ukraine fear there's no one left in the Trump administration who cares about improving relations between the two countries -- and they're worried military aid could again be frozen.