Giuliani gave Trump a private screening of his conspiracy videos from Ukraine after returning in December: report

Even as President Donald Trump faced impeachment over the scheme to coerce the Ukrainian government to help him find dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden's family, his attorney Rudy Giuliani — the architect of the scheme — has been eager to prove the whole venture justified.

In fact, according to The New York Times, Trump has continued to be involved in Giuliani's efforts, including his recent trip to Ukraine to try to interview overseas conspiracy theorists for Biden information.

"Even after Democrats began impeachment proceedings, Mr. Giuliani continued trying to collect information from Ukrainians who he argued would prove that Mr. Trump was justified in calling for Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and the ledger," wrote Times reporter Ken Vogel. "In December, Mr. Giuliani told an associate that he briefed Mr. Trump before traveling to Budapest and Kyiv to film interviews with former Ukrainian officials. As soon as Mr. Giuliani returned from the trip, Mr. Trump reportedly asked him what he had collected. 'More than you can imagine,' he replied."

"Mr. Giuliani has told his associates that he played the videos of his interviews for an appreciative Mr. Trump," continued the report.

Giuliani's videos were ultimately aired on One America News, a far-right network supportive of the president. He worked in partnership with Chanel Rion, a conspiracy theorist blogger who has written anti-feminist books for children and claimed that Democrats engage in Satanic cannibalism.

Despite Giuliani's assurances to Trump, his videos are completely disreputable. His sources, according to Ukrainian journalist Serhiy Leschenko, have ties to the Kremlin, and fed him Russian propaganda that seeks to exonerate their interference campaign against the 2016 presidential election.