Giuliani may face charges in half-million-dollar investment scam involving Lev Parnas: CNN
Igor Fruman, Rudy Giuliani and Lev Parnas (Twitter)

According to a report from CNN, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is possibly facing new charges in a half of a million-dollar investment scam set up by indicted associate Lev Parnas.

According to CNN, "Prosecutors are telling us that they're considering charging Lev Parnas and one associate of his of misleading investors in the company that Giuliani was in. Prosecutors are looking closely at the marketing pitch in this company and specifically whether any investors were misled about the value of the business and what they intended to do with the proceeds."

"Prosecutors have interviewed numerous witnesses, investors who were approached, and received text messages and documents over the past several weeks. all of this brings this investigation closer to Giuliani and raises questions about what role, if any he had in the marketing of the company," the report continues. "Now a lawyer for one of the investors who did provide this half-million dollar payment,  told CNN previously that his client had invested in the business based on Rudy Giuliani's reputation and his expectation that he would serve as a spokesman for the company."

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