'I see the hatred': Trump hasn't spoken to Pelosi ever since she accused him of a 'meltdown' over Syria
Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapping at President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

There was a time when President Donald Trump actually delighted in the prospect of working with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — possibly because he believed she wouldn't be a threat to him. In late 2018, when Pelosi faced an internecine challenge to retaking the gavel, Trump told reporters Democrats should stop fighting and pick her.

But that was then. According to CNN, Trump has not even spoken to Pelosi since October 16 — when the president stormed out of a briefing with Democratic leaders on why he was withdrawing troops from Syria, and Pelosi told reporters that the president was having a "meltdown."

Indeed, the upcoming State of the Union address might be the first time the two interact in months.

Additionally, Trump has clearly telegraphed that, in the likely event Senate Republicans bury the evidence in the Ukraine scheme to acquit him, he will use the specter of impeachment to spurn working with Pelosi and House Democrats altogether.

"I'd like to, but it's pretty hard when you think about it, because it's been — I use the word witch hunt, I use the word hoax. I see the hatred. I see the — they don't care about fairness, they don't care about lying," said Trump in a recent Fox News interview. "You look at the lies, you look at the reports that were done that were so false. The level of hypocrisy. I'm not sure that they can do it, to be honest. I think they just want to win, and it doesn't matter how they win."

Until now, there were at least a few issues Trump and Pelosi could work on, like updating NAFTA — although in that case, Trump still spurned her contributions by not inviting her to the signing ceremony.