'It stinks to high heaven': Dem senator torches Bill Barr for accepting Rudy Giuliani's sleazy Ukraine info
AG William Barr testifies before Congress. (Image via AFP/Nicholas Kamm.)

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) on Tuesday heaped scorn on Attorney General Bill Barr for setting up a separate channel for Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani to send dirt dug up in Ukraine to federal prosecutors.

During an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, Menendez expressed astonishment that Barr was giving Giuliani special access to get his conspiracy theories about the Bidens a hearing at the Department of Justice.

"I don't even understand why Rudy Giuliani has a special vehicle into the [DOJ]," he said. "I mean, Rudy Giuliani, whose list of conflicts is as long as his list of foreign clients, who we still don't know who is paying him, and who we know previously dug up dirt on Ambassador Yovanovitch and presented it to the State Department only for it to be totally false!"

The New Jersey senator went on to say that using the DOJ to dig up dirt on your political rivals is a flagrant abuse of power.

"It stinks to the high heavens because it's been very clear the president wants Rudy to go dig up dirt on his adversaries and present it to the Justice Department," he said. "And the Justice Department is complicit at the end of the day by accepting it."

Watch the video below.