Pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theorists admit a key theory was bunk all along
QAnon conspiracy theorists attend a Trump rally (Screen cap).

Followers of QAnon, the crazed conspiracy theory that alleges President Donald Trump is working to secretly uncover a global pedophile ring, have regularly predicted mass arrests of the president's political opponents over the past three years.

None of those arrests have come to pass, however, and Mother Jones reports that belief in the conspiracy theory is "waning."

In fact, even some people who still consider themselves followers of QAnon now seem to admit that its bold promises of exposing the entire Democratic Party as a cabal for pedophiles were bunk from the beginning.

"People say, ‘Oh, there’s a pedophile ring.’ That stuff is bullsh*t," one QAnon supporter tells Mother Jones. "I don’t know if that’s real. What I do know is real is all the politicians -- they’re all against Trump."

One problem for the movement is that its main hub of information, 8Chan, got dumped by its web security provider after it was revealed that multiple white nationalist mass shooters had used it.

"It’s kind of stopped now," one QAnon supporter tells Mother Jones. "The last post was in August."