Real Time's Bill Maher urges Dems to make an issue of Trump's mental decline -- and hands them the brutal ad to make the case
HBO 'Real Time' host Bill Maher (screengrab)

HBO  "Real Time " host Bill Maher handed Democrats a potent weapon on Friday night, unveiling a campaign ad produced by his staff that demonstrated that Donald Trump is in a state of mental decline by using clips of the president slurring and garbling his words.

Introducing the ad he stated, "Trump is a neurological mess, but the Democrats are too scared to make an issue of it, when, actually, it would cut together really well as a campaign ad."

Following running the clip -- which was greeted with laughter and wild applause from the HBO show's audience, Maher dryly added, "As Melania often says  to Donald, 'That wasn't so hard.'"

Watch  below: