'The gloves are off': Trump hell-bent on revenge for impeachment -- and 'everything is out in the open'
President Donald Trump appears during a rally Dec. 10, 2019. (Matt Smith Photographer/Shutterstock.com)

President Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani are hatching revenge plots with help from Attorney General William Barr.

The president has privately asked Giuliani to keep investigating Joe Biden and his son's activities in Ukraine, and Barr acknowledged that the Department of Justice would evaluate the information Trump's personal attorney turned up, reported The Daily Beast.

“In my conversations with the president, he has, on more occasion than one, said that he wants to get to the bottom of the Ukraine issue in a very similar way that he’s talked about investigating the ‘Russia hoax,’” one source close to Trump told the website.

Giuliani himself told The Daily Beast that he spoken twice with the president Monday, but he declined to comment on the topic of their conversations.

Senior administration officials and Trump confidantes say the president feels emboldened after his Senate acquittal in the impeachment trial, and he has claimed complete vindication and already punished impeachment witnesses Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and EU ambassador Gordon Sondland.

“I think he feels like the chains are off now,” said one senior administration official. “It’s like things have taken a turn. The gloves are off, and everything that used to be hush hush is now just … out in the open.”