Trump transition team official: President will receive another 'legitimate' impeachment
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On CNN Monday, J. W. Verret, a George Mason University law professor and former member of the Trump transition team, predicted that President Donald Trump will end up impeached again.

"You say the president feels empowered now," said co-anchor Jim Sciutto. "I wonder if, in your view, this will lead the president to feel he can seek foreign help in the election. They are vetting information Rudy Giuliani gathered in Ukraine from very questionable sources."

"I think there's no question but that he will attempt to do it," said Verret. "It's shameful to see what happened to Lt. Col. Vindman. I'm not sorry to see Sondland go, he didn't acquit himself well. He participated in a violation of law. It took two or three times to come forward to Congress. The Vindman firing isn't acceptable. The only thing to prevent Trump to collude with a foreign power for a third time looks like front-runners, probably Russia doesn't have any dirt on them. Maybe they can hack the servers. It's worrisome."

"He will be impeached again, I don't know for what, and it will be legitimate," added Verret. "It could be for things personal having to do with his company."

"Just to stick on that for a moment, if people missed in the intro when I said you worked for the president, on the transition team," said co-anchor Poppy Harlow. "You were a believer, a supporter, and now you're saying he's going to be impeached again."

"I was a Marco Rubio supporter in the primary," said Verret. "I jumped on the transition team to help out, and I left before he was elected because I saw what was going on. On the transition team, the conventional wisdom there was, don't mess with the foreign policy stuff because there's some weird stuff going on with Ukraine. I don't know, something to do with Russia and Ukraine. It was just too strange for me, and that's why I left."

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