WATCH: Nicolle Wallace breaks down ‘the case against William Barr’
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace on Monday broke down "the case against William Barr" as controversy continues to envelop the Department of Justice.

"Republicans and Democrats who have served in the Justice Department for the past 12 presidents are today calling for William Barr's resignation as our country's attorney general," Wallace reported.

Wallace read from an open letter signed by 2,000 former federal prosecutors and DOJ officials.

"But Mr. Barr’s actions in doing the President’s personal bidding unfortunately speak louder than his words. Those actions, and the damage they have done to the Department of Justice’s reputation for integrity and the rule of law, require Mr. Barr to resign," the officials said.

Wallace noted that former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer called Barr's actions "unAmerican."

"The Department of Justice still reeling from the sudden resignations last week of four career prosecutors on the Roger Stone case," Wallace noted. "That was after Barr interfered in the sentencing phase for Stone, calling for more lenient sentences for the president's long-time advisor, which Trump celebrated on Twitter. The resignations were punctuated by the appointment of another special prosecutor to investigate the investigation of another trump aide, Mike Flynn."

The host read a quote from The Washington Post.

"The Justice Department in the Trump era has repeatedly tasked U.S. attorneys from far-flung offices to parachute into politically explosive cases in Washington, raising concerns among current and former officials that agency leaders are trying to please the president by reviewing and reinvestigating cases in which he is personally or politically invested," the newspaper reported.

Wallace offered her analysis.

"Pleasing the president does certainly seem to be the animating governing philosophy behind Barr's leadership of DOJ," she said. "Barr, so far, has made a good deal of progress on the enemy's list, since taking over almost exactly a year ago, Barr has accused the FBI of spying on Trump's campaign and undermined his investigation into whether the president obstructed justice, he's meddled in the Stone sentencing recommendations and now, as we remarked, tapped an outside prosecutor to review the Flynn case."