CNN's Camerota shocked after hearing Trump supporter say she doesn't even believe coronavirus exists
Alisyn Camerota -- screenshot

A supporter of President Donald Trump recently told a reporter from NBC News that she doesn't believe that coronavirus even exists at all.

CNN's John Avlon on Friday played an NBC News clip of the Trump supporter to demonstrate how the president constant spouting misinformation about coronavirus was impacting his own supporters.

"You don't believe coronavirus exists?" the reporter asked the Trump supporter.

"I don't," she replies.

"So the two people who have been reported to have died from it in Washington state, you don't trust that that's true?" she asked.

"I don't trust anything the Democrats do," she said.

Avlon then tied it back to the president's statements about Democrats' attacks on his response to the virus being a "hoax," while also claiming that he has a "hunch" that the death rate from the virus is much lower than what is being claimed by the World Health Organization.

"It's a reminder that the president's words have consequences," Avlon said.

"Oh my gosh," said a shocked host Alisyn Camerota of the Trump supporter clip. "That sound that you captured was just incredible."

Watch the video below.